Digital Marketing

In a world first, Cody Live are connecting onsite real estate signage to the digital world. Imagine a high-definition, high impact digital experience at your property's doorstep. 

Residential Solutions

The Real Estate industry has been waiting for this digital marketing innovation - A high definition, interactive and individually curated digital experience at your property’s doorstep.

No more static imagery or out of date content. Finally agents, vendors and buyers can deliver and receive the information they need, instantly on the spot, taking customer engagement to a whole new level. 

Commercial Solutions

Cody Live Offers Customised Internal and External LCD & LED Screens

Our groundbreaking, sleekly designed StoryBoards range from freestanding digital screens to embedded wall units within a static sign.

Over 8 x Brighter than your average LCD screen, Cody Live will customise to your requirements to ensure you really are outshining the competition. 

Perfect for Development Sites, Display Centres & Homes, Retail Spaces & Shopping Centres.

Enquire today for more information on our Customised Digital Solutions