Cody Live Features

Our system is feature packed so you and your clients have the very best Cody experience.


State-of-the-art stylish display units

The Cody Live LCD unit is compact, slim-line and modern in appearance.
The boards are fitted with the latest 4G technologies allowing easy updating on content, and are fan cooled for minimal noise. With 2500 nits of brightness (over 3 x brighter than most commercial units), you can be assured the board stays bright even when in direct sunlight.


Real-time, tailored

Information is always fresh and relevant.
Cody Live gives vendors and agents the ability to update any content, anytime, from anywhere.
No re-prints, no timelag: make and publish changes immediately.


Infinite creative flexibility

Our StoryBoards provide unrivalled on street impact.
Apart from just the sleek appearance, the StoryBoard allows for display of stylish high resolution images, floorplans, endless property content and video.
There are no restrictions, the possibilities are limitless.


Latest technology, secure connectivity

Cody Live units incorporate alarms to activate if the units are disturbed.
Content management is permission-granted and website security protocols ensure there is no hacking or unauthorised access. The StoryBoard is fully insured by Cody Live, and replaced if any damage is to occur.


Illumination without light spill

Light from traditional boards typically spills beyond the sign, often to the annoyance of neighbours.
The Cody Live LCD unit achieves illumination through digital technology, resulting in an even diffusion of light across the face – with no light spillage beyond its border.

With 2500 nits of brightness (over 3x brighter than most other commercial units), you can be assured the board stays bright even when in direct sunlight. The Cody Live unit also includes a shut-down phase so it can change to sleep mode and remove any visual intrusion at night.